Hill Of Howth

Hill Of Howth, a peninsula of Ireland, county Dublin, forming the N. boundary of Dublin bay. It is a rocky and picturesque elevation, rising to the height of 563 ft., 3 . long and 2 m. broad, having at its extremity a lighthouse. Howth gives the title of earl to the family of St. Lawrence, the descendants of its Anglo-Norman conquerors. A harbor of 52 acres has been formed at Howth, costing £500,000.

Hilleh, Or Hillah

Hilleh, Or Hillah a town of Asiatic Turkey, in the vilayet of Bagdad, on both sides of the Euphrates, and amid the ruins of Babylon; pop. about 7,000. It is a quiet, peaceable place, with well supplied bazaars, but greatly decayed from its importance under the Sassanide shahs and the caliphs, when it was also remarkable for one of the most flourishing communities of the Babylonian Jews. It is supposed by some writers to have been the place where the He-brew captives carried off from Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar were chiefly established.


Hinckley , a town of Leicestershire, England, 12 m. S. W. of Leicester; pop. in 1871, 6,902. An ancient church, with a very curious oak roof, is the most interesting building. It has manufactories of hosiery, cotton thread, and worsted. Near it are Roman remains, and the neighboring village of High Cross, where two Roman roads intersect (Watling Street and the Fosse Way), is probably the site of the Roman station Benona3 or Venona3.


Hinds , a S. W. county of Mississippi, bounded E. by Pearl river and N. W. by the Big Black; area, 850 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 30,-488, of whom 20,659 were colored. It has a level surface and a rich soil. It is intersected by the New Orleans, Jackson, and Great Northern, and the Vicksburg and Meridian railroads, and the Raymond branch. The chief productions in 1870 were 10,619 bushels of rye, 410,553 of Indian corn, 58,304 of sweet potatoes, and 27,394 bales of cotton. There were 1,714 horses, 2,905 mules and asses, 4,274 milch cows, 1,034 working oxen, 7,071 other cattle, 4,179 sheep, and 14,330 swine; 2 manufactories of agricultural implements, 1 of boots and shoes, 2 of carriages, 1 of furniture, 1 of gas, 2 of iron castings, 1 of machinery, 3 of saddlery and harness, 4 of tin, copper, and sheet-iron ware, 2 bookbinderies, and 2 newspaper establishments. Capital, Jackson, which is also the capital of the state.


Hindostan ,.See India.


Hingham , a town of Plymouth co., Massachusetts, pleasantly situated on the S. side of Boston harbor, 14 m. S. of Boston, with which it has communication by the South Shore railroad; pop. in 1870, 4,422. It is a place of resort for residents of the city, and in summer steamers run daily to Boston. The fisheries employ several vessels, and the manufactures are of considerable importance. The town contains a national bank, savings bank, insurance company, newspaper, 17 schools, and 8 churches. It was settled in 1635.