Horned Pout

Horned Pout ,.See Catfish.


Hornellsville , a town and village of Steuben co., New York, at the junction of Canaca-dea creek with the Canisteo river, and at the intersection of the Buffalo division with the main line of the Erie railway, 200 m. W. by S. of Albany, and 90 m. by rail S. E. of Buffalo; pop. of the town in 1870, 5,837; of the village, 4,552. The village contains a sash and blind factory, several car factories, a boot and shoe and a mowing machine factory, tanneries, two banks, six hotels, and one tri-weekly and three weekly newspapers.


Hornpipe , a wind instrument, once a favorite with the Welsh peasantry, and probably still in use among them, consisting of a wooden pipe with holes at stated distances, and a horn at each end. The tone is pleasing, and somewhat resembles that of the hautboy. For this instrument was composed the lively dance tune known as the hornpipe, a name applied also to the dance which accompanies it. Both the tune and the dance are supposed to be of English invention, and the former is generally in triple time, six crotchets in a bar.


Horry , an E. county of South Carolina, bordering on the Atlantic and North Carolina, bounded W. by the Little Pedee, which flows into the Great Pedee on the S. W. border of the county, and drained by the Waccamaw river; area, 1,200 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 10,-721, of whom 3,235 were colored. It has a low marshy surface, and is partly covered with large forests of pine. The soil is generally poor. The Wilmington, Columbia, and Augusta railroad touches the N. corner. The chief productions in 1870 were 62,039 bushels of Indian corn, 72,232 of sweet potatoes, 74 bales of cotton, and 417,507 lbs of rice. There were 451 horses, 3,347 milch cows, 6,431 other cattle, 7,592 sheep, and 17,399 swine; 3 saw mills, and 8 manufactories of tar and turpentine. Capital, Conwayborough.


Horsa ,.See Hengist.

Horse Fly

Horse Fly ,.See Diptera, vol. vi., p. 129.

Horse Mackerel

Horse Mackerel ,.See Tunny (American).


Horsens , a seaport town of Denmark, in Jutland, at the head of the Horsensfiord on the Baltic sea, and the mouth of the Bygholms-Aa, 45 m. S. E. of Viborg; pop. in 1869, 10,501. It has a Latin school, manufactories of tobacco, soap, and woollen goods, and a brisk trade in corn and fish.


Horta , a town, capital of the island of Fayal, one of the Azores, situated on the S. E. coast of the island, on a wide bay between two rocky headlands; pop. in 1804, 8,549. Its port is defended by several forts. It carries on a considerable trade in wine.

Hortense Catherine Schneider

Hortense Catherine Schneider, a French actress, born in Bordeaux about 1835. She appeared on the stage in her 15th year, and was connected with various theatres in Paris for upward of ten years before she became celebrated in 1864 by her personation of Offenbach's La belle Hélène. She achieved still greater triumphs in La grande duchesse and similar operas.