Ignatius Bean

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Ignaz Friedrieh Castelli

Ignaz Friedrieh Castelli, a German dramatist, born in Vienna, May 6, 1781, died near Lilienfeld, Feb. 5, 1862. He was educated for the law, but devoted himself to composing patriotic songs for the Austrian army, and preparing pieces for the stage. His songs having given umbrage to Napoleon, he fled to Hungary. In 1814 he accompanied Count Cav-riani as secretary to Paris, and afterward he served in the same capacity in Italy. In 1840 he retired with a pension and the office of state librarian. He was the author of many poems, popular songs, and miscellaneous writings, and was at various times connected with the press of Vienna, but is best known by his productions, for the stage. More than 100 plays, partly adapted from the French, partly original, are attributed to him. In 1848, 100,-000 copies of his political pamphlets in favor of the revolution were sold. His autobiography was published in 1801 - '2, in 3 vols.


See Gheraedesca.


Igualada (a town of Spain, in the province and 33 m. N. W. of the city of Barcelona; pop. about 11,500. It stands on high ground, on the left bank of the river Noya. The streets are narrow, and the buildings packed closely together, with little regard to elegance, comfort, or cleanliness. Woollen and cotton goods, paper, and firearms are manufactured, and there are fairs in -January and August.


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Ilion (a village in the town of German Flats, Herkimer co., New York, on the right bank of the Mohawk river, and on the New York Central railroad and Erie canal, 70 m. W. N. W. of Albany; pop. in 1870, 2,876. It contains two hotels, a national bank, a brewery, a weekly newspaper, and several schools and churches. It is chiefly noted as the seat of E. Remington and sons' firearms manufactory,' of the Remington empire sewing-machine company, and the Remington agricultural works, which employ a large number of men. It was incorporated in 1865.


Ilissus (a river of Attica, rising near the N. extremity of Mt. Hymettus, and flowing through the S. part of Athens toward the Phaleric bay, which it rarely reaches even in the rainy season, while in summer it always dries up in the vicinity of the city. The spreading plane trees and verdant banks of the Ilissus, which Plato immortalized in his "Phaedrus," have given place to pigmy bushes and sunburnt rocks.


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Ilkeston (a town of Derbyshire, England, 9 m. N. E. of Derby, on the Erwash Valley railway; pop. in 1871, 9,662. It is rapidly increasing in population, and contains a fine old parish church and a mechanics' institute and library. Hosiery and silk fabrics are manufactured, and coal is mined.

Illnissa, Or Minissa Iliniza, Pyramids Of

Illnissa, Or Minissa Iliniza, Pyramids Of, certain peaks of the Cordilleras of Quito, in South America, about 10 m. S. of Quito. They are about 17,380 ft. high, and seem originally to have constituted a single mountain, which has been rent apart by volcanic forces. They are visible not only from all parts of the country intervening between the Cordilleras of Quito and the Pacific, but from great distances at sea.