Mount Auburn

See Cambridge (Mass.).

Mount Demavend

Mount Demavend, the highest summit of the Elburz mountains in Persia, between the provinces of Irak-Ajemi and Mazanderan, lat. 35° 50' N., lon. 52° E. It is an extinct volcano, conical in shape, and about 18,000 ft. high. It yields large quantities of pumice stone and pure sulphur, and around its base are several hot springs.

Mount Everest

See Himalaya Mountains, vol. viii., p. 732.

Mount Kosciusko

See Australia, vol. ii., p. 129.

Mount Libanus

See Lebanon.

Mount Moriah

See Jerusalem.

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus, a lofty group of mountains in Greece, partly in Macedonia and partly in Thessaly. Its S. extremity is at the mouth of the river Peneus, on the shore of the Ther-maic gulf, and is separated by the vale of Tempe from the neighboring heights of Ossa, both mountains forming the E. extremity of the Cambunian range. Its highest peak has an elevation of 9,754 ft. The slopes in many places are richly clothed with forests, but toward the summit, which is broad and covered with snow for the greater part of the year, the ridge is broken into vast rugged precipices, indented with deep ravines. In Greek mythology Mount Olympus was the residence of Jupiter and the chief celestial deities, and the clouds which veiled its summit were supposed to conceal the entrance to the vault of heaven. - In Mysia, Lycia, Cyprus, and elsewhere, were mountains called by this name, which is also borne by an eminence bordering on the plain of Olympia in Elis.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant, a town and the capital of Henry co., Iowa, on the Burlington and Missouri River railroad, 25 m. TV. N. W. of Burlington, and 110 m. E. S. E. of Des Moines; pop. in 1870, 4,245. It stands on an elevated prairie, surrounded on all sides but the east by Big creek, an affluent of Skunk river. The adjacent country is highly productive. The town is the seat of one of the state asylums for the insane, and of Iowa Wesleyan university and German college, both under the control of the Methodists. The university was established in 1855, admits both sexes, and has preparatory, collegiate, theological, and law departments, and a school of pharmacy. In 1873-4 it had 14 instructors, 200 students, and a library of 3,000 volumes. German college was organized in 1873, and in 1873-'4 had 4 instructors and 15 students. Mount Pleasant has graded public schools, a high school, two national banks, two weekly newspapers, two monthly periodicals, and eleven churches.

Mount Saint Elias

Mount Saint Elias, a volcanic peak on the border of Alaska and British America, lat. 60° 15' N., lon. 141° W. Its height has been variously estimated at 16,000 to 18,000 ft. More recently Dall from trigonometric calculation estimates it at 19,000 ft., which is higher than any other peak in North America.

Mount Shasta

See Glacier, Rooky Mountain's, and Siskiyou.

Mountains Of The Moon

Mountains Of The Moon, a mountain range said to exist in central Africa, in which Ptolemy and other ancient geographers placed the sources of the Nile. On modern maps, until recently, the name was given to a great range winch was supposed to cross the continent from the Indian ocean to the Atlantic. It is now known that no such range exists. Capt. Spekc applied the name in 1858 to a range N. of the newly discovered lake Tanganyika, though incorrectlv, according to Capt. Burton.