Oudenarde, Or Audenarde

Oudenarde, Or Audenarde, a fortified town of Belgium, in the province of East Flanders, on the Scheldt, 15 m. S. S. W. of Ghent; pop. about 6,000. It has manufactures of cotton and linen, breweries and tanneries, and an active trade. It is memorable for the victory obtained here, July 11, 1708, by the allies under Marlborough and Prince Eugene over the French army commanded by the dukes of Burgundy and Vendōme.


Outagamie, an E. county of Wisconsin, intersected by Fox, Wolf, and Embarras rivers; area, 684 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 18,430. Its surface is diversified and covered with forests, which yield large quantities of lumber. It is intersected by the Wisconsin division of the Chicago and Northwestern, the Milwaukee, Lake Shore, and Western, and the Green Bay and Lake Pepin railroads. The chief productions in 1870 were 353,620 bushels of wheat, 55,862 of Indian corn, 199,167 of oats, 66,051 of potatoes, 282,342 lbs. of butter, 35,445 of wool, and 18,647 tons of hay. There were 3,064 horses, 4,819 milch cows, 1,488 working oxen, 4,525 other cattle, 10,815 sheep, and 6,551 swine. Capital, Appleton.

Outagamies #1

See Foxes.


Overton, a N. county of Tennessee, bordering on Kentucky, drained by Obie's or Obed's river, a branch of the Cumberland, navigable by steamboats for 60 m. in the county; area, 530 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 11,297, of whom 550 were colored. The surface in some parts is mountainous, and the soil is generally fertile. The chief productions in 1870 were 43,419 bushels of wheat, 394,026 of Indian corn, 69,-957 of oats, 18,522 of Irish and 14,514 of sweet potatoes, 121,582 lbs. of butter, 25,585 of wool, and 187,331 of tobacco. There were 3,450 horses, 3,360 milch cows, 1,643 working oxen, 4,977 other cattle, 17,293 sheep, and 29,126 swine. Capital, Livingston.


Overture (Fr. ouverture, an opening), a species of introductory symphony prefixed to an opera or oratorio. Its invention is ascribed to the French composer Lully, and in the oldest overtures the fugue, preceded by a slow movement in time and closing in the dominant, was the prominent feature. In this style were written the overtures of Handel and many of his contemporaries. The overtures of modern composers frequently contain snatches of the leading airs of the opera.

Owen Sound

Owen Sound, a town, port of entry, and the capital of Grey co., Ontario, Canada, at the outlet of the river Sydenham into Owen sound, and at the terminus of a branch of the Toronto, Grey, and Bruce railway, 123 m. by rail N. W. of Toronto; pop. in 1871, 3,369. It is pleasantly situated on a small plain surrounded on three sides by wooded heights, and contains a commodious town hall, court house, a number of stores, hotels, and churches. The sound, which is the best harbor on Lake Huron, admits the largest class of lake vessels. It is 12 m. from the town to its mouth in Georgian bay, where it is 5 m. wide. A large number of vessels are engaged in the grain and lumber trade. There are manufactories of mill machinery, turbine water wheels, agricultural implements, engines, sewing machines, leather, wooden ware, and woollens, two breweries, flour and saw mills, five large grain warehouses and elevators, and three weekly newspapers.