Patrick Brydone

Patrick Brydone, a Scottish traveller, born near Dumbarton in 1741, died near Coldstream, June 19, 1818. As a travelling tutor he visited France and Italy in 1767-'8, and Sicily and Malta in 1770. In 1773 he published his " Tour through Sicily and Malta," which obtained extraordinary popularity. He was afterward appointed comptroller of the stamp office. He made curious observations on the condition of the atmosphere, giving special attention to electrical phenomena, and contributed papers on electricity to the " Philosophical Transactions".

Patrick Colqjjhoun

Patrick Colqjjhoun, a British author, born at Dumbarton, Scotland, March 14, 1745, died in London, April 25, 1820. In early life he went to America, but returned to Scotland in 1756. On the outbreak of the American war he contributed to a fund for raising a regiment against the colonists. In 1782 he was elected chief magistrate of Glasgow. In 1789 he removed to London, and in 1792 was appointed a police magistrate. He published "A Treatise on the Police of the Metropolis" (London, 1796), "A Treatise on the Police of the River Thames," "A New System of Education for the Laboring People," "A Treatise on Indigence," and "On the Population, Wealth, Power, and Resources of the British Empire " (London, 1814). The first and last named works were translated into German.

Patrick Mcdowell

Patrick Mcdowell, a British sculptor, born in Belfast, Ireland, Aug. 12, 1799, died Dec. 9, 1870. In his youth he was apprenticed to a coachmaker in London, who died when Mac-dowell was about 18 years old. He was then admitted to the studio of a French sculptor named Chenu, where he soon developed a taste for modelling. A design for a public monument to Major Cartwright, the advocate of parliamentary reform, first brought him into notice; but a figure of "A Girl Beading," of which he executed a duplicate for the earl of Ellesmere, decided his reputation. He became a royal academician in 1846. Among his chief works are: "Love Triumphant," a group executed for Mr. William Beaumont, " A Girl at Prayer," "Cupid," "Early Sorrow," "Psyche," "The Death of Virginia," and "Eve."

Patrick Murray

Patrick Murray, fifth Baron Elibank, a Scottish author, born in February, 1703, died Aug. 3,1778. In 1723 he was admitted to the Scottish bar, but entered the army the same year, and in 1740 was lieutenant colonel in the expedition to Cartagena, South America. Afterward he turned his attention to literature, and published "Thoughts on Money, Circulation, and Paper Currency " (Edinburgh, 1758); " An Inquiry into the Origin and Consequence of the Public Debts;" "Queries relating to the Proposed Plan for altering Entails in Scotland" (1765); " Letter to Lord Hailes on his Remarks on the History of Scotland " (1773); and " Considerations on the Present State of the Peerage of Scotland" (1774). In politics he was an adherent of the house of Stuart, with whom he maintained a secret correspondence.