See India, Races and Languages of, vol. ix., p. 216.


Prato, a town of Italy, in the province and 10 m. N.W. of the city of Florence, on the Bisenzio, an affluent of the Arno; pop. about 12,000. It has many squares and churches. The cathedral was enlarged in the 13th century by Giovanni Pisano. It has a campanile, a richly ornamented chapel, and a celebrated pulpit by Donatello. The collegio Cicognini formerly belonged to the Jesuits. The palazzo Pretorio, formerly del Popolo, is now a prison. Prato is famous for its bakeries and its red Turkish caps; and straw plait, silk thread, and coarse woollen cloth are manufactured. It was at one time an independent republic, but was subjected by the Florentines in 1358.


I. A S. County Of Kansas

A S. County Of Kansas, watered by affluents of the Arkansas river; area, 900 sq. m. It is not included in the census of 1870. Capital, Prattsville.

II. A S. W. County Of Dakota

A S. W. County Of Dakota, recently formed and not included in the census of 1870; area, about 3,000 sq. m. It is intersected by "White river, an affluent of the Missouri. It has a rolling surface, consisting mainly of prairies well adapted to grazing.


Preble, a S. W. county of Ohio, bordering on Indiana, and drained by Franklin, Four Mile, and St. Clair creeks, tributaries of the Great Miami; area, 422 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 21,809. The surface is nearly level and the soil very fertile. It is intersected by several railroads connecting with Cincinnati, Dayton, and other points. The chief productions in 1870 were 700,475 bushels of wheat, 973,686 of Indian corn, 298,315 of oats, 32,497 of barley, 60,664 of potatoes, 24,486 of flax seed, 7,978 tons of hay, 23,900 lbs. of flax, 36,119 of wool, 507,313 of butter, 22,299 of maple sugar, and 36,039 gallons of sorghum molasses. There were 7,297 horses, 6,309 milch cows, 7,914 other cattle, 10,199 sheep, and 28,839 swine; 10 flour, 20 lumber, and 2 woollen mills. Capital, Easton.


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Prehistoric Remains

See Ameeican Antiquities, ArcHAEeology, Bone Caves,- Finds, and Lake Dwellings.


Prentiss, a N. E. county of Mississippi, drained by the head waters of the Tombigbee river; area, about 400 sq. m. It has been formed since the census of 1870. The surface is diversified, and the soil generally fertile. It is traversed by the Mobile and Ohio railroad. Capital, Booneville.

Prenzlau, Or Prenzlow

Prenzlau, Or Prenzlow, a town of Prussia, in the province of Brandenburg, on the Ticker, 60 m. N. N. E. of Berlin; pop. in 1871,14,442, including many descendants of French Huguenots. The Gothic St. Mary's church, of the 14th century, has two towers and a celebrated organ. The mineral spring in the Neustadt is known as the Elisabethbad. Linens and woollens are manufactured, and tobacco is largely produced; the chief trade is in grain and cattle. The Prussians under Hohenlohe surrendered here to the French under Murat, Oct. 28, 1806.