San Salvador, A City Of Brazil

See Bahia.

San Salvador, Or Cat Island

San Salvador, Or Cat Island, an island of the Bahama group, 28 m. E. S. E. of Eleuthera; length nearly 50 m., breadth from 3 to 7 m.; pop. about 1,000. This island has generally been supposed to be Guanahani, the first land seen by Columbus in the new world (Oct. 12, 1492), and named by him San Salvador. Humboldt and Irving have defended this view, but Navarrete combats it and advocates the claims of Grand Turk island; and Watling island and Mayaguana, of the same group, have been identified with Guanahani respectively by A. B. Becher ("Journal of the Royal Geographical Society," 1856) and F. A. de Varnhagen (La verdadera Guanahani de Colon, 1864). Bech-er's view has been adopted by Daniel, Peter-mann, and other eminent geographers.

San Sebastian

See Saint Sebastian.


See Asylum.

Sand Crab

See Crab.

Sand Eel

See Eel.

Sand Grouse

See Grouse.

Sand Launce

See Eel.

Sand Martin

See Swallow.

Sand Wasp

Sand Wasp, the common name of a family of fossorial hymenopterous insects, the sphegi-doe of Latreille. They have a long abdomen attached to the thorax by a long thin pedicel, filiform antennae, and feet adapted for digging. There are numerous species, generally large, violet blue, sometimes banded with yellow; the females have a sting; there are no neuters, the female making her own nest in the sand. After laying an egg in a cell the mother places in it living insects, stinging them so as to produce stupefaction, and then closes the cell; the larva feeds upon the imprisoned insects, and grows rapidly; it then spins a silky cocoon in which it undergoes transformation. Some wasps of the family crabronidoe also make their nests in sand and earth.


Sandhurst (formerly Bendigo), a city of Victoria, Australia, 82 m. N. N. W. of Melbourne; pop. about 25,000. The town is well lighted and supplied with water, and the principal streets are paved. The main street, Pall Mall, has many fine shops, and numerous imposing brick and stone buildings. The banks, the government and municipal offices, the hospital, benevolent asylum, mechanics' institute, and Lyceum theatre are among the principal buildings. Sandhurst is one of the chief railway stations of Victoria, and is the headquarters of a rich gold-mining region.

Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli, an Italian painter, born in Florence in 1437, died there in 1515. One of his earliest frescoes, " St. Augustine in Ecstasy," is in one of the churches of Florence. He decorated for Sixtus IV. a chapel in the Vatican, and painted numerous figures of the popes and three large frescoes. Among his masterpieces are "The Birth of Christ," now in a private collection in London, and a crowned Madonna in the gallery at Florence. He engraved the first 19 prints for the famous edition of Dante's Inferno printed at Florence in 1481. His devotion to Savonarola subjected him to much persecution.

Sandwich Islands

See Hawaiian Islands.