Bunge. I. Alexander, a Russian botanist and traveller, born in Kiev, Sept. 24, 1803. He was educated at Dorpat, and, after taking the degree of M. D. in 1825, travelled in Siberia and the eastern part of the Altai mountains, and then joined the mission of the academy of St. Petersburg to Peking, where he acquired an extensive herbarium. In 1833 he made a second Asiatic journey, and in 1834 became professor of botany at Kazan, and in 1836 at Dorpat. In 1857-9 he made new exploring expeditions. He has published works on the plants of Russia, northern China, Mongolia, and the Altai mountains, Lehmanni Reliquim Botanicae, and other works. H. Fridrikh Egor, a Russian jurist, brother of the preceding, born in Kiev, March 13, 1802. He was educated at Dorpat, and since 1831 has been professor of law there. In 1856 he became connected with the imperial chancery at St. Petersburg, in the department for the codification of the private law of Esthonia, Livonia, and Courland. His law writings are numerous and valuable.