Callcott. I. Sir Augustus Wall, an English landscape painter, born at Kensington in 1779, died there, Nov. 25, 1844. He was elected a member of the royal academy in 1810, when he exhibited his picture of " Morning." His principal productions are "Returning from Market," "Waiting for the Passage Boat," " The Ferry," "Harvest in the Highlands," with figures by Landseer, and "Raphael and the Fornarina." He was knighted in 1837, and made conservator of the royal pictures in 1844. II. John Wall, an English composer, brother of the preceding, born at Kensington in 1766, died in May, 1821. He assisted in 1787 in forming the glee club, and excelled particularly in that branch of national music. The degree of doctor of music was conferred on him in 1790. In 1805 he published a "Musical Grammar," and in 1806 was made lecturer on music at the royal institution, but soon resigned on account of ill health. His choicest compositions were brought out in 1824, after his death. III. Maria, an English authoress, wife of Sir Augustus Callcott, born in 1788, died in 1842. She was the daughter of Capt. Dundas, and was first married to Capt. Graham. She published an account of her travels in India, " Three Months in the Environs of Rome," "Memoirs of Pous-sin," " Essays toward the History of Painting " (1836), and other works.