A city of British India, province of Guzerat, situated at the head of the gulf of Oambay, at the mouth of the Mahee river, in lat. 22° 21' N., Ion. 72° 32' E., 75 m. N. N. W. of Surat, and 230 m. N. W. of Bombay; pop. about 10,000, almost equally divided between Hindoos and Mohammedans. It was formerly much larger than at present. There are several mosques, the Jumna Mosseid, a grand structure 210 ft. square, being the principal, and a number of subterranean temples of the Jains, a sect whose religion formerly predominated in this region. It had formerly a large commerce, and exported silk, chintz goods, and indigo. It still sends to Bombay some grain, indigo, and tobacco, and its jewellers and lapidaries are celebrated for their skill. II. Gulf of, an inlet of the Indian ocean on the W. coast of India, 32 m. wide at its mouth, and 72 m. long. It is gradually becoming shallower. It is noted for the height of its tides, and receives the Taptee, Nerbudda, Mahee, Subber-mutty, Bhadar, and other rivers.