Caroline Islands, Or New Philippines, an archipelago of Oceania, between the Philippines, the Ladrones, the Marshall islands, and Papua. They lie between lat. 3° and 12° N. and lon. 135° and 165° E.; area, 1,000 sq. m.; pop. about 28,000. They are divided into numerous groups. The westernmost of these, the Pelew, consists of seven large and a number of small islands, all of coralline formation. They are generally flat, and afford no secure anchorage. N. E. of these is the group of Yap, the principal island of which is mountainous and rich in precious metals. The islands of Egoi, resembling the Pelew in surface and formation, lie E. of Yap; they are fertile and partly inhabited. Other groups are the Swede islands, the Lutke, and the Seniavin islands. The easternmost island, called Ualan, is 24 m. in circumference, and has abundant supplies of water, fruit, and fish. The climate is mild and agreeable. The inhabitants, most of whom are of the Malay race, are generally fishermen, and make excellent sailors. - The Carolines were discovered in 1543 by Lopez de Villa-lobos, and were named in honor of Charles V. Nominally they belong to Spain and form part of the government of the Philippines, but they have no Spanish settlements.