Cavendish, Or Candish, Sir Thomas, an English adventurer of the 16th century. He was the son of a gentleman of good estate, residing at Trimley St. Martin in Suffolk; but having spent his patrimony, he engaged in a predatory excursion against the Spanish American colonies, fitting out three vessels of 120, 60, and 40 tons. This expedition started July 22, 1586, and entered the straits of Magellan Jan. 6, 1587. They were 33 days in clearing the straits, spending some time in examining the coast. On the Pacific coast they burnt Payta, Acapulco, and other towns, and finally captured the Spanish galleon Santa Anna, of 700 tons, loaded with a valuable cargo and 122,-000 Spanish dollars. Cavendish then started from California, crossed the Pacific to the La-drone islands, through the Indian archipelago and strait of Java, and around the Cape of Good Hope, reaching England Sept. 9, 1588, and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. In August, 1591, he started again, but he experienced bad weather and sickness, his crew grew mutinous, and he died at sea in 1593.