Centre, a central county of Pennsylvania; area, about 1,000 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 34,418. It is traversed by the Alleghany, Bald Eagle, and several other mountain ranges. It is drained by a number of small creeks, which supply several mills and factories with water power. The soil is excellent in the valleys, and agriculture is in a forward state. The mountains are covered with valuable timber, but furnish little land suitable for cultivation. There are extensive mines of iron, quarries of limestone, and beds of stone coal in several places. The Clearfield division of the Pennsylvania Central railroad intersects the S. W. corner, and the Bald Eagle division traverses the countv. The chief productions in 1870 were 479,145 bushels of wheat, 63,108 of rye, 1,044,-760 of Indian corn, 389,028 of oats, 37,25G of barley, 117,403 of potatoes, 27,725 tons of hay, 521,090 lbs. of butter, and 53,448 of wool. There were 0,588 horses, 6,484 milch cows, 9,489 other cattle, 18,017 sheep, and 15,573 swine. There were 22 flour mills, 23 manufactories of iron, 1 of window glass, 15 tanneries, 4 planing mills, 25 saw mills, 5 manufactories of agricultural implements, 28 of carriages and wagons, 2 of edge tools, 1 of machinery, 1 of wire, and 4 of woollen goods.

Capital, Bellefonte.