Charles II. Laverdiere, a Canadian historian, born at Chateau-Richer, Oct. 23, 182G, died in Quebec, March 27, 1873. He was ordained priest in August, 1851, and soon became a teacher in the seminary of Quebec. When the university of Laval was created, the abbe Laverdiere was appointed its librarian. "While a student he had established, and for several years directed, L' Abeille, a college journal, to which he contributed many historical articles. He was distinguished as a local antiquary. He aided in the publication of the "Jesuit Relations" (3 vols., Quebec, 1858); edited and completed the second volume of Ferland's Coin's d'histoire, after the death of the author; in conjunction with the abbe Casgrain, he collected all the voyages of Champlain, and issued an edition (5 vols. 4to, Quebec, 1870), with extremely valuable notes and a biography of Champlain, and also the Journal des Jesuites (4to, 1871), a diary kept for several years by the superior of the Jesuits in Canada, of great historical importance. He also wrote Histoire du Canada a L'usage des maisons d' education, which was most favorably received; an account of Notre Dame de Recou-vrance d Quebec; and A la memoire du R. P. Ennemond Masse, S. J., one of the earliest Jesuit missionaries, whose grave at Sillery he discovered and marked by a line monument.

He also edited several works on church music, in which he was a proficient.