Chicopee, a town of Hampden co., Mass., on the E. side of the Connecticut, at the mouth of the Chicopeo river, 95 m. by rail W. S. W. of Boston; pop. in 1870, 9,607. It contains the villages of Chicopee or Cabotville and Chico-pee Falls, which are connected by a branch railroad 2 m. long, uniting with the Connecticut River railroad at Chicopee. The town was settled about 1640, and formed the northern part of Springfield, and was set off from that city in 1848. The principal establishments are 7 cotton mills, with 114,208 spindles, 1 woollen mill, 1 manufactory of hollow ware and castings, 1 of locks, 2 of ploughs and other agricultural implements, 2 brass founderies (Ames company), 1 manufactory of military goods, etc, 1 of arms, and 1 brick yard. The chief companies are the Dwight manufacturing company (prints, sheetings, &c), and the Ames manufacturing company, which makes machinery, bronze cannon, small arms, etc. The bronze doors of the senate wing of the capitol at Washington were cast by this company, as was also Ball's equestrian statue of Washington in the Boston public garden.