Courtrai, Or Courtray(Flemish, Kortrijk; Lat. Cortoriacum), a city of Belgium, in the province of West Flanders, on the river Lys, an affluent of the Scheldt, 26 m. S. of Bruges; pop. in 1870, 23,382. It is handsomely built, and contains several good edifices, including a town hall, two fine churches, an exchange, a college, and two orphan asylums. In one of the churches, Notre Dame, is Vandyke's great painting, the "Elevation of the Cross." The inhabitants are actively engaged in the linen manufacture; the fine linens and flax of the neighborhood of Courtrai have a world-wide reputation. There are also large bleaching grounds and manufactories of thread lace and silk lace. Near Courtrai the famous " battle of the spurs" was fought in 1302, so called from the number of spurs collected from the French knights who fell in it. The name of Courtrai frequently occurs in the history of the Netherlands; it was often taken by the French, who finally destroyed its fortifications in 1744.