Cristini Belgiojoso, princess of, an Italian patriot and writer, born in Milan, June 28, 1808, died there, July 5, 1871. She was the daughter of the marquis Geronimo Isidoro Trivulzio, and married on Sept. 14, 1824, the prince Emilio Barbian e Belgiojoso, who died Feb. 17,1858. Their children were a son, who died in 1862, and a daughter who in 1861 became the wife of the marquis Trotti-Bentivo-glio. Allied to the most distinguished families and brought up under the influence of Manzoni, the princess Belgiojoso acquired prominence by her social position, her varied accomplishments, and her revolutionary ideas. Expelled from Italy, her house in Paris became after 1830 a centre for scholars, artists, and liberal politicians. Mignet prevailed upon Louis Philippe to obtain from the Austrian government the restoration of her confiscated property, and she employed her fortune in promoting the education and prosperity of her tenantry. She vol-unteered as the amanuensis of the historian Thierry, studied mathematics under Arago, was intimate with the St. Simonians, and published an Essai sur la formation du culte dogmatique (Paris, 1846). In 1848 she equipped volunteers at her own expense in Lombardy; in Rome she shared in the labors of Margaret Fuller for the relief of the wounded patriots; and in 1849 she went into exile in Turkey, while the Austrians again confiscated her property, which was not restored to har till 1855. She thereupon entered upon a literary career, and some have recognized in her the original from whom Stendhal drew the duchess of San Severino, the heroine of his Chartreuse de Paime. She became the correspondent of several journals; published in 1850 her Souvenirs d'exile in the National; edited in Paris in 1851 Notions d'hstoire a l'usage des enfants; and her travels in the East led to her publication of Emina, recits turco-asiatiques (2 vols., Leipsic, 1856), Asie Mineure et Syrie (1858), and Scenes de la vie turque (1858). In 1860 appeared her Histoire de la maison de Savoie, and in 1869 her Reflexions sur l'etat actuel de l'Italic et sur son avenir.