Daniel Wilson, an English prelate, born in London, July 2, 1778, died in Calcutta, Jan. 2, 1858. He was educated at Oxford, was ordained deacon in 1801, and in 1802 became a curate of Mr. Cecil.. He became assistant tutor of St. Edmund's hall in 1804, and from 1807 to 1812 was sole tutor and vice principal, and also curate of Worton. In 1812 he left Oxford for St. John's chapel, Bedford row, London, and in 1824 received the vicarage of Islington. In 1832 he was appointed bishop of Calcutta and metropolitan of India. His principal works are: "The Christian's Struggle against Sin and Death," "Lectures on Christian Character," "Lectures on the Epistle to the Colossians," "Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity," and " Sufficiency of Scripture as a Rule of Eaith." His life has been written by the Rev. Josiah Bateman (2 vols., London, 1860).

Daniel Wilson #1

Daniel Wilson, a British author, born in Edinburgh in 1816. He was educated at the university of Edinburgh, became secretary to the society of antiquaries of Scotland, and is a member of the royal society of Edinburgh. In 1853 he became professor of history and English literature in the university of Toronto; and in 1859-'60 he was president of the Canadian institute, the journal of which he edited for four years. His works include " Memorials of Edinburgh in the Olden Time," illustrated by himself (2 vols. 4to, 1847; 2d ed., 1872); "Archaeology and Prehistoric Annals of Scotland," with about 200 of his drawings (1851; enlarged, 2 vols., 1863); "Prehistoric Man: Researches into the Origin of Civilization in the Old and New World" (2 vols., 1862; enlarged, 1865; 3d ed., rewritten, 1876, with numerous illustrations by the author); "Chatterton, a Biographical Study" (1869); "Caliban: The Missing Link" (1873); and "Spring Wild Elowers," a volume of poems (2d ed., 1875).