David Kalakaua, seventh king of the Hawaiian Islands, born in Honolulu, Nov. 16, 1836. He is the son of 0. Kapaakea and Keo-hokalole, and is descended on his mother's side from Keawe, an ancient king of the island of Hawaii. He received an English education, with Prince Lunalilo and about 15 other hereditary chiefs, in the royal school at Honolulu. In 1860 he visited California. On Dec. 19, 1863, he married the chieftainess Kapiolani. On the death of Lunalilo, Feb. 3, 1874, without proclaiming a successor, both Kalakaua and the queen dowager Emma, relict of Kame-hameha IV., announced themselves as candidates for the throne. The legislature was summoned in extra session to elect a king. On Feb. 12 Kalakaua received 39 electoral votes out of 45, the remaining 6 being given to Queen Emma; and the former was consequently declared king. On hearing the result a mob of Queen Emma's partisans broke into the court house and attacked the legislature still sitting there. The authorities asked help from the American and British ships of war then lying in port, and the insurgents were promptly dispersed by parties of marines from the Tuscarora, Portsmouth, and Tenedos. Kalakaua was installed as king on the same day.

On the 14th he proclaimed his brother, Prince William Pitt Leleiohoku, heir apparent.