Elizabeth City, a S. E. county of Virginia, bordering on Chesapeake bay at the mouth of James river, bounded S. by Hampton Roads, and N. by Back river: area, 50 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 8,303 of whom 5,471 were colored. It was one of the eight original shires into which Virginia was divided in 1634. It has a fertile soil, suitable for grain and potatoes.

The chief productions in 1870 were 10,820 bushels of wheat, 78,646 of Indian corn, 6,717 of oats, 15,024 of Irish and 15,879 of sweet potatoes. There were 280 horses, 107 mules and asses, 416 milch cows, 242 other cattle, 134 sheep, and 2,121 swine. Capital, Hampton.

Elizabeth City #1

Elizabeth City, the county seat of Pasquotank co., North Carolina, on Pasquotank river, 20 m. from its mouth, and 40 m. S. of Norfolk, Va.; pop. in 1870, 930, of whom 421 were colored. It communicates with Norfolk by means of the river, which is navigable by small vessels, and of the Dismal Swamp canal. It has considerable trade, chiefly in lumber and other products of the pine, and contains a flour mill, four saw mills, three schools, a weekly newspaper, and several churches. Several confederate war vessels, which had escaped to this point after the occupation of Roanoke island by the Union forces, were captured or destroyed by a fleet under Commander Rowan, Feb. 10, 1862.