Emden, Or Embden, a seaport town of Prussia, in the province of Hanover, on the Dollart estuary, near the mouth of the Ems, 45 m. N. W. of Oldenburg; pop. in 1871, 12,588. The harbor is shallow, but the roadstead is capable of accommodating large vessels. Canals intersect the town in various directions; one connects it with the town of Aurich, and another (opened in 1847, at a cost of $300,000) with the Ems. It is protected by a high and strong embankment against the incursions of the Dollart, from which it has frequently suffered. Although the town has declined in population and prosperity, it continues to be the most important commercial town of Hanover. About 400 vessels enter and leave the port annually, and ship building is extensively carried on. Emden is of very ancient origin, and resembles more a Dutch than a German town. In the present century it has passed through the hands of Prussia, Holland, and France, came to Hanover in 1815, and in 18G6 was again incorporated with Prussia.