Ernesti. I. Johann August, a German philologist, born in Tennstadt, Thuringia, Aug. 4, 1707, died in Leipsic, Sept. 11, 1781. He was made professor of ancient literature in the university of Leipsic in 1742, of eloquence in 1756, and of theology in 1758. His critical editions of Greek and Roman classics, Xen-ophon, Homer, Callimachus, Polybius, Suetonius, Tacitus, and Cicero are justly celebrated, especially the edition of Cicero's writings, and the glossary appended thereto, Clams Cice-roniana (6th ed., Halle, 1831). His excellent Latin style obtained for him the surname of the German Cicero. As a theological writer he belonged to the school of rationalists. His most eminent theological work is the In-stitutio Interpretis Novi Testamenti (3d ed., 1775), of which an English translation, by C. II. Terrot, appeared in Edinburgh (2 vols. 12mo, 1833-'43). II. August Wilhelm, nephew of the preceding, born at Frohndorf, near Tennstadt, Nov. 26, 1733, died in Leipsic, July 29, 1801. In 1765 he was professor of philosophy in the university of Leipsic, succeeded his uncle as professor of eloquence in 1770, and edited the works of Livy (1769) and Am-mianus Marcellinus (1773), besides many others.