George Henry Calvert, an American author, born in Baltimore, Md., Jan. 2,1803. He graduated at Harvard college in 1823, and afterward studied at Gottingen. On returning to America, he edited for several years the "Baltimore American" newspaper. In 1832 he published "Illustrations of Phrenology," the first American treatise on the subject; and in 1836, a metrical version of Schiller's Don Carlos. Since 1843 he has resided in Newport, R. I., of which city he was mayor in 1853. He translated and published in 1845 a portion of the correspondence between Goethe and Schiller, and in 1846 and 1852 published two series of " Scenes and Thoughts in Europe." Among his other publications are " Cabiro," a poem in the stanza of "Don Juan," of which two cantos were published in 1840, and two more in 1864; "An Introduction to Social Science" (1856); "Comedies" (1856); "The Gentleman" (1863); "Anyta and other Poems" (1863); " First Year in Europe " (1867); " Ellen, a Poem" (1869); and "Goethe, his Life and Works" (1872).