Gridley ,.I. Jeremy, an American lawyer, born in Boston, Mass., March 10, 1702, died in Brookline, Sept. 10, 1767. He was educated at Harvard- college, and was for a year editor of the " Weekly Rehearsal," a newspaper established in Boston in 1731. He soon acquired great reputation as a lawyer, and was appointed attorney general for the province of Massachusetts Bay. In 1761, while holding this office, he defended the writs of assistance which the Boston custom-house officers had applied for to enable them to enter at discretion the dwellings of suspected individuals. He was eminent for his classical attainments. II. Richard, an American soldier, brother of the preceding, born in Boston, Jan. 3, 1711, died in Stoughton, June 20, 1796. In 1745 he served as engineer at the siege of Louisburg, in 1755 was made chief engineer and colonel of infantry, and in the following year took part in the expedition to Crown Point under Winslow, and constructed the fortifications on Lake George. In 1758 he served under Amherst, and subsequently under Wolfe on the plains of Abraham. At the conclusion of the war he received Magdalen island and half pay as the reward of his services.

On the outbreak of the revolutionary war he was appointed chief engineer, and constructed the fortifications on Breed's hill the night before the battle of June 17, 1775, in which he was wounded. He was commissioned major general in September, and commander of the continental artillery, but was superseded by Knox in November.