Gronovius , the Latinized form of Gronov, the name of a German family settled in Holland. I. John Frederick, born in Hamburg, Sept. 8, 1611, died in Leyden, Dec. 28, 1671. He was educated at Leipsic and Jena, and studied law at Altorf. In 1634 he became a private tutor in Amsterdam, but three years later he gave up all other pursuits for the study of antiquities and the classics. He spent much time in England, France, and Italy, studying old manuscripts and rare books. In 1643 he was appointed rector of the gymnasium of De-venter, and in 1658 professor of belles-lettres at Leyden. He published annotated editions of Livy, Tacitus, Seneca, Sallust, Pliny, and other classical writers, and numerous essays on philology and antiquities. II. Jacobus, his eldest son, born in Deventer, Oct. 20, 1645, died in Leyden, Oct, 21, 1716. In 1668 he visited Oxford and Cambridge to study antiquities, and in 1672 went to Madrid as a member of the embassy from the states general. He was for two years professor of belles-lettres in the university of Pisa, and from 1679 in Leyden. He published editions of many of the classical writers, but is best known by his Thesaurus Antiquitatum Groecarum (13 vols, fol., Leyden, 1697-1702). III. Abraham, son of the preceding, born in Leyden in 1694, died there, Aug. 17, 1775. He practised medicine successfully in England and in Holland, but finally became librarian to the university of Leyden. He published editions of Justin, Pomponius Mela, and Tacitus, and several works exhibiting much classical erudition.

IV. John Frederick, brother of the preceding, born in Leyden, March 10, 1690, died there in 1760. He studied jurisprudence and was a magistrate of Leyden, but devoted himself to botany, and was intimate with Linnaeus. Among his works are Flora Virginica (1743), and Flora Orientalis (1755). V. Laurentius Theodoras, a naturalist, son of the preceding, born in Leyden in 1730, died there in 1778. He published Bibliotheca Regni Animalis (4to, 1740), Museum Ichthyo-logicum (2 vols. fol., 1754-'6), and Zoophyla-cium Gronovianum (fol., 1763 - '81).