Hampshire ,.I. A W. central county of Massachusetts, intersected by the Connecticut river, and drained by several mill streams, among which are the head waters of Chicopee and Westfield rivers; area, 524 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 44,388. Its surface is irregular, and in some parts mountainous; the soil, especially near the Connecticut, is very fertile. It is traversed by the New London Northern and its Ware branch, the Athol and Enfield, the New Haven and Northampton, and the Connecticut River railroads. The Boston and Albany railroad touches the S. W. portion. The chief productions in 1870 were 4,847 bushels of wheat, 36,706 of rye, 157,939 of Indian corn, 64,572 of oats, 274,608 of potatoes, 3,720,587 lbs. of tobacco, 43,832 of wool, 1,003,427 of butter, 136,086 of cheese, and 61,734 tons of hay. There were 4,478 horses, 9,514 milch cows, 2,034 working oxen, 10,771 other cattle, 10,173 sheep, and 5,062 swine. The county contained 433 manufacturing establishments, having an aggregate capital of $7,053,085, and an annual product of $13,445,-772. One of the three large reservoirs on the upper part of Mill river in this county burst on May 16, 1874, and the waters destroyed the principal factories at Williamsburg, Leeds, Haydenville, and Skinnersville, causing the death of over 150 persons, and a loss of property estimated at nearly $2,000,000. Capital, Northampton. II. A N. E. county of West Virginia, bordering on Maryland, from which it is separated by the Potomac, and on Virginia, drained by Great and Little Cacapon rivers, and by the S. branch of the Potomac; area, 750 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 7,643, of whom 640 were colored.

It is traversed by ranges of the Alleghany chain, has numerous fertile valleys, and abounds in coal and iron. The Baltimore and Ohio railroad passes along the N. boundary. The chief productions in 1870 were 76,832 bushels of wheat, 21,885 of rye, 120,325 of Indian corn, 46,769 of oats, 13,800 of potatoes, 26,658 lbs. of wool, 114,948 of butter, and 4,587 tons of hay. There were 2,380 horses, 6,557 cattle, 8,317 sheep, and 4,763 swine. Capital, Romney.