Haraforas, Or Alfocra a savage people living in Celebes, the Molucca islands, and the interior of Papua. In general appearance they resemble the Malays, but are darker in color, with hair not straight like that of the Malays, nor woolly like that of the Papuans, but crisp. Their clothing is a strip of the inner bark of a tree, beaten with stones until it becomes white, and appears like rough white paper. Each warrior is armed with a parang or cleaver, which he carries in his right hand, while on his left arm he bears a shield 3 or 4 ft. long, but only 4 or 5 in. wide. The most remarkable characteristic of this people is their head-hunting. Every young man must cut off at least one human head before he can marry. The head of a child will do; that of a woman is better; a man's still better; while a white man's head is the most glorious trophy. In one of their villages were found three times as many skulls as the whole population. The Haraforas of Booro live not in villages, but scattered over their whole territory. Their houses consist of little more than a roof of palm leaves resting on four poles, with a kind of platform a foot or two above the ground, where they sit and sleep. Some of them acknowledge a Mohammedan rajah as their superior.

It is said that they believe in one supreme being, who sent men a teacher, who left precepts of morality, taught the immortality of the soul, instituted circumcision, and finally ascended to heaven. Wallace thinks that the Haraforas are a distinct race from the Malays, and kindred to the Papuans, between whom and the Malays they form the boundary line. In Ceram they are the predominant type.