Heinsius ,.I. Daniel, a Dutch philologist, born in Ghent, June 9, 1580, died in Leyden, Feb. 25, 1655. He was educated at the university of Leyden, where in his 25th year he succeeded Joseph Scaliger as professor of politics and history. In 1618 he acted as secretary to the synod of Dort. He edited the principal Greek and Latin classics, and wrote two Latin tragedies entitled Auriacus and Herodes Infan-ticida; Exercitationes Sacroe ad N. T. Libros (Leyden, 1639, and Cambridge, 1640); a poem in four books styled De Contemptu Mortis; and various other valuable works. II. Nico-laas, a Dutch poet, son of the preceding, born in Leyden, July 29, 1620, died at the Hague, Oct. 7, 1681. He was educated at the university of his native city. In 1649 he went to Sweden at the invitation of Queen Christina, and settled at Stockholm, where he remained till his father's death in 1655. His latter days were unhappy, and passed for the most part in his native land. He was the author of Latin poems, the graceful style of which gained for him the appellation " swan of Holland."