Homestead , the place where one's dwelling is. By this is meant the home itself, with the outbuildings connected with it, and a portion of the land, as the garden, and it may be some fields, etc. From the nature of the case, where one occupies and uses in connection with his dwelling a considerable tract of land, the term homestead must be somewhat indefinite, and if employed in deeds or contracts, its precise meaning must be determined by the context and surrounding circumstances. Of late it has become common in the United States, by constitutional or statutory provisions, to exempt a homestead to a specified amount or value from attachment or sale for debt. Under these, if the debtor have more than the requisite amount or value lying in one body, he is usually permitted to make selection within the specified limits; but failing to do this, or if the circumstances present impediments, it will be done for him by the court in which proceedings to enforce debts against him are taken.