Jacques Joseph Champollioin - Figeac, a French archaeologist, born at Figeae in 1778, died in the palace of Fontaineblcau, May 9, 1867. He was at first librarian of the public library and professor of Greek literature at Grenoble. In 1828 he removed to Paris, being appointed professor at the ecole deschartes, and keeper of the manuscripts in the royal library, which office he retained till 18-18. In 1849 he was appointed librarian at the palace of Fontaineblcau, and remained in that office till his death. He edited many valuable manuscripts connected with the history of France, most of them under the patronage of the government or the French historical society; aided Sylvestre de Sacy and Dacier in several important publications; and superintended the unfinished publications of his brother, especially the Grammaire egyptienne, the Dictionnaire hie-roglyphique, and the Voyage en Egypte. In 1804 he completed, in 70 folio plates, his Monographic du palais de Fontainebleau. His subsequent works include Le palais de Fontainebleau, etc. (2 vols., 1807), and Documents paleographiques relatifs a l'histoire des oeaux-arts et des belles-lettres pendant le moyen age (1808). - One of his sons, Aime Champollion, has published a series of biographies and historical works, including Louis et Charles d"Orleans, etc. (2 vols., 1844).