Jean Baptiste Tavernier, a French traveller, born in Paris in 1605, died in Copenhagen in 1689. He early explored many countries, served occasionally as a soldier, and made six journeys to western Asia and to India, mostly on foot. His father-in-law, a jeweller, having taught him the art of valuing precious stones, he acquired a fortune, was ennobled by Louis XIV. for promoting French trade in India, and bought the barony of Aubonne near the lake of Geneva; but he was ruined by his nephew, and in 1687 fled to Berlin to escape persecutions as a Protestant. There he became director of an East Indian company, and soon undertook a seventh journey, which was interrupted by his fatal illness in Denmark. Louis XIV. bought of him millions of francs worth of diamonds. Under his direction Chappuzeau edited Les six voyages de J. B. Tavernier (2 vols., 1676-7), and La Chapelle a 3d volume in 1679. The latter also reedited in 1675 Nouvelle relation de l'interieur du serail du grand seigneur, Une histoire du Japon, and Memoire sur la con-duite des Hollandais. The first named work has been frequently reprinted and translated (English, 2 vols, folio, 1678-'84).