Jean Bodin, a French publicist, born at An-gers in 1530, died at Laon in 1596. After studying law at Toulouse, he repaired to Paris, and devoted himself to politics. His first work was a Methodm ad facilem Historiarum Cog-nitionem (Paris, 1566). In 1576 he published his Six livres de la republique, which gained tor him a great reputation, and the esteem of Henry III.; but Inning suffered in the king's mind by the calumnies of some courtiers he transferred his services to the duke of Alencon then the chief of the party called let politiques, and went with that prince to England in 1580. His Demonomanie, ou traite des sorciers was Printed at Paris in 1580. After the death of his protector, in 1584, he retired to Laon where he married, and held the office of pro-mreur. He was subsequently sent as deputy tor the tiers etat of Vermandois to the states general at Blois, where he supported several democratic measures. On the death of Henry III. Bodin joined the party of the league, but a little later went over to the side of Henry IV. He died of the plague.

His biography has been written by Baudrillart (Paris, 1853).