Joel Tyler Headley, an American author, born in Walton, Delaware co., N. Y., Dec. 30, 1814. He graduated at Union college in 1839, studied at Auburn theological seminary, and was pastor for two years at Stockbridge, Mass. Obliged by the failure of his health to abandon his profession, he travelled in Europe in 1842-'3, and after his return published two volumes entitled " Letters from Italy" and "The Alps and the Rhine " (New York, 1845), which were received with favor. In 1846 he published "Napoleon and his Marshals" (2 vols. 12mo) and "Sacred Mountains," and in 1847 "Washington and his Generals" (2 vols.). Among his later publications are lives of Oliver Cromwell, Winfield Scott, Andrew Jackson, and Washington; "Adirondacks, or Life in the Woods" (1849); "The Imperial Guard of Napoleon from Marengo to Waterloo" (1852), founded on a popular French history by E. M. de Saiut-Hilaire; a "History of the Second War between England and the United States" (2 vols., 1853); "Sacred Scenes and Characters;" "Life of General Havelock" (1859); "The Great Rebellion, a History of the Civil War in the United States" (2 vols., 18G3-'6); "Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution" (1864); and "Sacred Heroes and Martyrs" (1870). Mr. Headloy resides near Newburgh, on the Hudson river.

In 1856-7 he was secretary of state of New York.