Johann Gottfried Ludwig Kosegarten, a German orientalist, son of the poet Ludwig Theo-bul Kosegarten, born in Altenkirchen, Sept. 10, 1792, died in Greifswald, Aug. 18, 1860. He went to Paris in 1812 to study the oriental languages under Chezy and Sylvestre de Sacy. On his return to Germany in 1815 he was appointed to the chair of oriental literature at Greifswald, and in 1817 he accepted the same professorship at Jena, but returned in 1824 to Greifswald. Among his works are an edition of the Moallaka of the Arabian poet Amru ben Kelthum (Jena, 1819); German translations of the Indian poem Nala (1820), and of Tuti na-meh, a collection of Persian tales, made in collaboration with Iken (Stuttgart, 1822); editions of the Arabian annals of Tabari (1831), of the collection of songs entitled Kitab al-Aglidni (1840), and of Indian fables entitled Pantscha-tantra (Bonn, 1848); Die Geschichte der Uni-versitdt Greifswald (Greifswald, 1856-7); and several works on the history of Pomerania.