John Townsend Trowbridge, an American author, born in Ogden, Monroe co., N. Y., Sept. 18, 1827. At the age of 20 he went to Boston, connected himself with the public press, and became known as a writer of popular stories. With Lucy Larcom he edited "Our Young Folks" till January, 1874. He has published "Father Brighthopes, or an Old Clergyman's Vacation," "Burr Cliff, its Sunshine and its Clouds," and " Hearts and Faces " (1853); "Martin Merrivale, his X Mark" (1854); "Iron Thorpe" (1855); "Neighbor Jackwood" (1857); "The Old Battle Ground " (1859); "The Drummer Boy;" "The Vagabonds" (1863, and with other poems, 1869); "Cudjo's Cave" (1864); "The Three Scouts" (1865); "Lucy Arlyn," "Coupon Bonds," and " The South: a Tour of its Battle Fields and Ruined Cities" (1866); "Neighbors' Wives" (1867); "The Story of Columbus" (1869); "Laurence's Adventures" (1870); "Jack Hazard and his Fortunes" (1871); "A Chance for Himself" (1872); "Doing his Best" (1873); "Fast Friends" (1874); and "The Young Surveyor" (1875).