Julia Pardoe, an English author, born in Beverley, Yorkshire, in 1806, died Nov. 26, 1862. She produced a volume of poems when she was 13 years old, and a novel at 15; but her first important work was " Traits and Traditions of Portugal" (2 vols., 1833). She went to Constantinople in 1835, and published "The City of the Sultan" (3 vols., 1836), and furnished the letterpress for " The Romance of the Harem" (3 vols., 1839), and "The Beauties of the Bosphorus " (2 vols. 4to). She afterward visited Hungary, and wrote " The City of the Magyar" (3 vols. 8vo, 1840), and the novel of "The Hungarian Castle" (3 vols., 1842). Her other works include "Louis the Fourteenth, and the Court of France in the Seventeenth Century" (3 vols., 1847); "The Court and Reign of Francis I." (2 vols., 1849); " The Life of Mary de Medicis " (3 vols., 1852); " Pilgrimages in Paris " (1858); and " Episodes of French History during the Consulate and the Empire" (2 vols., 1859). In 1859 she received from the crown a pension of £100.