Karl August Lndwig Philipp Varnhagen Von Ense, a German author, born in Diisseldorf, Feb. 21, 1785, died in Berlin, Oct. 10, 1858. He studied in Berlin and at various periods in Halle and Tubingen, and was for some time a private tutor. He joined the Austrian army in 1809, and was wounded and captured by the French at Wagram and exchanged at Vienna, after which (1810) he visited Paris, and next resided alternately at Prague, Vienna, and Berlin. In 1813 he joined the Prussian rising against the French. In 1814 he married in Berlin Rahel Levin (1771-1833), a Jewess of remarkable intellect who had become a Christian, and whose extraordinary social influence had a happy effect upon his career. After assisting Hardenberg, the Prussian minister, at the congress of Vienna, and accompanying the allies to Paris, he became Prussian minister at Carlsruhe. In 1819 he declined the mission to Washington, and henceforth chiefly resided in Berlin. He was early associated with Chamisso, Fouque, and others in periodical and other publications, and began to publish stories and poems in 1815-'16. In 1822 appeared'his GeistlicTie Sprilche des Angelus Silesius, with an introduction, which was reproduced in 1849 with selections from Saint-Martin and with annotations by his wife; and in 1823 his Goethe in den Zeugnissen der Mitleoenden. He is best known as a writer of biographies; his first series was BiograpMsche Denkmale (5 vols., 1824-'30; 3d ed., 1872). After the death of hie wife he published Rahel, ein Buch des Andenkens fur ihre Freunde (3 vols., 1834), and Galerie ton Bildnissen aus Rahels Umgang (2 vols., 1836); and his correspondence with her has appeared in a complete edition entitled Briefwechsel zwischen Varnhagen und Rahel (6 vols., Leipsic, 1875). His niece Ludmilla Assing has published several volumes of his posthumous works, and Alexander von Humboldt's letters to him. (See Assing.) Among the many interesting posthumous publications of Varnhagen are his Tagebucher (14 vols., Leipsic, 1861-72), Blatter axis der preussischen Geschichte (1868-'9), and BiograpMsche Portraits (1871). The third enlarged edition of his select works comprises three parts: the first (6 vols., 1875) entitled BenkwurdigTceiten des eigenen Leoens, the'second (10 vols., 1875) Biographische BenJcmale, and the third (in process of completion, 1876) Vermischte Schriften.