Lazarus Bendavid, a German philosopher and mathematician, of Jewish parentage, born in Berlin, Oct. 18,1762, died there, March 28, 1832. A glass-cutter by trade, he attained great proficiency in mathematics, and the highest praise was awarded by Kastner to his first published disquisition in 1785, Theorie der Parallelen, followed in 1789 by Das mathema-tische Unendliche. After lecturing in Berlin and studying in Gottingen, he delivered in Vienna for about four years lectures on Kantian philosophy and aesthetics which he afterward published. Persecuted in Vienna, he returned to Berlin in 1797, and spent the rest of his life there, engaged in lecturing and literary labors, and in presiding over the Jewish free school, which under his direction rose to great excellence. His works include Vorlesungen uber die Kritik der reinen Vernunft (Vienna, 1795; 2d ed., Berlin, 1802); Versuch Uber das Vergnugen (2d ed., Vienna, 1794); Ver-such einer Gcsclmaclslelire (Berlin, 1798); Versuch einer Rechtslehre (1802); Ueber den Ursprung unserer Erkenntniss (a prize essay, 1802); Ueber die Religion der Elraer tor Moses (1812); and Zur Berechnung des jiidi-schen Kalenders (1817).