Llanquihue, a province of Chili, bounded N. by Valdivia, E. by the Andes, S. by a strait separating it from Chiloe and the gulf of An-cud, and W. by the Pacific; area estimated at 8,350 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 43,342, many of whom are Germans. It comprises an extensive plain, nowhere more than 90 ft. above the sea, covered with forests affording useful timber, and interspersed with picturesque lakes, the largest of which is that of the same name, about 30 m. long and 15 m. wide; in shape it is an irregular triangle, and its waters are discharged through the river Maullin into the Pacific. The climate of Llanquihue is mild and healthy; and the soil, owing to successive deposits of vegetable matter and a plenteous irrigration by countless streams, is extremely fertile. Large quantities of potatoes are produced, besides wheat and other grain. All the European fruits and vegetables abound, and cattle and swine are numerous. Coal has been discovered in the south, and good roads facilitate transportation to the coast. There are about 50 free public schools in the province.

Capital, Puerto Montt, which was incorporated in 1861.