Lobos Or Seal (Islands), three islands in the Pacific near the coast of Peru, and belonging to that country. The principal island, Lo-bos de Tierra, is in lat. 6° 29' S. and Ion. 80° 52' W., and is 5 m. long and 2 m. broad. About 30 m. S. S. E. of Lobos de Tierra, and separated from each other by a channel a few hundred feet wide, are the Lobos de Afuera, each from l 1/2 m. to 2 m. long by less than 1 m. in breadth. There is good anchorage near the larger island, and two safe and capacious bays at the smaller islands. The sheltered parts of these islands are covered with guano, the product not only of birds, but of the seals which frequent them, and from which they are named. The quantity of the deposit on the whole group is estimated at 2,000,000 tons. In 1851 a controversy respecting the title to these islands sprung up between the government of Peru and that of the United States, the latter claiming them in consequence of their alleged discovery by an American vessel in the early part of this century. On investigation, however, the claim of Peru to them was established, and admitted by the American and British governments.