I. The Elder Son Of Joseph

The Elder Son Of Joseph, son of Jacob, adopted by the latter on his deathbed to become the head of one of the tribes of Israel, yet made inferior to his younger brother Ephraim. At the time of the census at Sinai the tribe of Manasseh numbered 32,-200, and 40 years later 52,700. On the conquest of Palestine, half of the tribe received from Moses its allotment E. of the Jordan, N. of Gad, and the other half received from Joshua the region W. of the Jordan, between Issachar on the north and Ephraim on the south, the Mediterranean forming the western boundary. The eastern division contained among others the districts of Iturasa, Traoho-nitis, Gaulonitis, Batannea, and part of Gilead-itis, and the towns of Gadara, Ashtaroth, Edrei, Gamala, Jabesh-Gilead, Mahanaim, and Gerasa. The western division was less important in history, it being almost always overshadowed by its southern neighbor, Ephraim. H. A king of Judah, (596-641 B. C. See Hebrews, vol. viii., p. 589.