Marie Alp House A French General Bedeau, born at Vertou, Aug. 10, 1804, died in Nantes, Oct. 30, 1863. He was the son of a naval otficer, was educated at Saint Cyr, distinguished himself at the siege of Antwerp (1832) as aide-de-camp of Generals Gerard and Schramm, served in Algeria, and in 1844 became lieutenant general and commander of the province of Constantine. He was provisional governor of Algeria from July to October, 1847. Commanding one of the five columns in Paris charged with the repression of the insurrection of February, 1848, he was accused by Bugeaud of having evinced too little energy, but proved that he had strictly obeyed that marshal's orders. Though appointed by the revolutionary government minister of war, he preferred to be military commander of Paris. He was next commander of the first division of the army of the Alps, was elected to the constituent assembly by the department of Loire-In-ferieure, and, though originally a legitimist, was more liberal than most conservatives. He was wounded while operating under Cavaignac against the Paris insurgents in June, 1848. In 1849 he was sent to the legislative assembly by the department of the Seine. He was now considered, after Cavaignac and Lamoriciere, one of the principal military supports of the republican constitution.

The coup d'etat of Dec. 2, 1851, consigned him to prison at Mazas and Ham, and subsequently to banishment in Belgium till after the amnesty of 1853, when he returned to France.