I. Georg Laduig Von

Georg Laduig Von, a German jurist, born at Erpolsheim, Rhenish Bavaria, Nov. 2, 1790, died in Munich, May 9, 1872. He took his degree at Heidelberg in 1812, and studied in Paris till 1814. He was subsequently assistant attorney general in various places till 1826, when he became professor at the university of Munich. Having been made councillor of state, he was from 1832 to 1834 a member of the regency in Athens, Greece, and distinguished himself by drawing up most of the codes of law. In 1847 he was for a short time minister of foreign affairs and of justice. Among his numerous works are Das griechi-sche Yolk (3 vols., Heidelberg, 1830), and Ge-scMchte der Stddteverfassung in Deutschland (4 vols., Erlangen, 1809-71).

II. Rcnrad, A German Author

A German Author Rcnrad, son of the preceding, born at Frankenthal in 1823. In 1847 he became professor of jurisprudence at Heidelberg. He is a high authority on early Scandinavian history, laws, languages, and literature. His principal works are: Die Entstehung des is-landischen Staats und seiner Verfmsung (Munich, 1852); Die Bekchrung des norwegischen Stammes sum Christenthvm (2 vols., 1855-'6); an edition of the Icelandic Gullthoru-saga (Leipsic, 1858); and Islandische Yvlfo-sagen der Gegenwart (1800).