I. A Mythical Hero Of Greece

The legends respecting him are discordant. According to one, he was the son of Mars and Althaea, and to others, of (Eneus and Althaea. The prevailing legend is, that while Meleager was at Calydon, in Aetolia, the king once neglected to offer up a sacrifice to Diana, whereupon the angry goddess sent a monstrous boar to ravage the fields. Finally Meleager, with several companions, went out to hunt the boar, which was killed by him. This expedition is known as the Calydonian hunt. It was a favorite subject with ancient artists. Meleager is usually represented as a robust hunter, with curly hair, wearing the Aetolian chlamys, and carrying a boar's head.

II. A Macedonian General Who Served Under Alexander The Great

At the battle of the Granicus, 334 B. C, he commanded one of the divisions of the phalanx; and in almost all the Asiatic campaigns he appears to have held the same office. On the death of Alexander (323) he was co-regent with Perdiccas, and was put to death by order of his colleague.

III. A Greek Epigrammatist

A Greek Epigrammatist, who flourished about the middle of the 1st century B. C. He was a native of Gadara in eastern Palestine, and made a collection of epigrams, entitledMeleager 1100181Meleager 1100182Meleager 1100183 , from more than 40 authors. This work has perished, but 131 of his own epigrams are still extant, and have been collected and published by Manso (Jena, 1798), and most completely by Grafe (Leipsic, 1811).