I. Friedrich Eduard

Friedrich Eduard, a German painter, born in Dantzic, Jan. 7, 1808. He studied at Berlin, and became a professor in the academy there. Many of his genre pictures, chiefly relating to the life of the peasantry, have been engraved, his "Altenburger in the Corn Field" by himself. His best known picture is a little milkmaid sitting at the roadside counting her earnings, of which there is a chromo-lithograph.

II. Wilhelin Alexander

Wilhelin Alexander, his younger brother, excels as a painter of horses, battles, and landscapes, and as an engraver. He exhibited in 1868 "Prince Frederick Charles at Liebenau" and " The King in the Battle of Sadowa." III. Eduard Franz, son of Friedrich Eduard, born in Berlin in 1838. He studied under his father, and spent some time in Dtisseldorf. Among his genre pictures are "The Polisher of Arms" (1858), "Children with Cats" (1859), "The Love-sick Girl" (1866), and Dornroschen and Schneewittchen (1870).

IV. Paul Friedrich

Paul Friedrich, brother of the preceding, born in Berlin in 1842. He studied under his father, and spent over a year in Paris. He has produced many fine genre animal pictures, among others " The Serpent Tamer in the Menagerie," " The Goat Market," and "The Tribunal of Apes." Ho has made designs for illustrated works, including Reineke Fuchs (1870).