I. Frans

Frans, the elder, a Dutch painter, born in 1635, died in Leyden in 1681. He was a pupil of Gerard Douw, and painted genre pictures and occasionally portraits, all remarkable for delicacy of finish, accuracy of drawing, and correctness of design. His pictures are not numerous, and bring very large sums. He died a prisoner for debt, in consequence of an extravagant course of life.

II. Willem

Willem, son of the preceding, born in Leyden in 1662, died there, Jan. 24, 1747. He was the pupil of his father, and equalled him perhaps in delicacy of finish, though he was inferior in color, drawing, and design. He attempted historical subjects in combination with landscape, and his picture of "Rinaldo asleep on the lap of Armida" was repeated by him in several copies. His domestic subjects are held in high estimation.

III. Frans

Frans, the younger, son of the preceding, born in Leyden, Dec. 24, 1689, died there, Oct. 22, 1703. He studied painting with his father, and executed similar subjects, although in a much inferior manner. He also made numerous copies of the works of his father and grandfather, which frequently pass for originals with inexperienced purchasers. He was an industrious student of history, and wrote several works relating to the Low Countries, including Historic tier nederlandsche vorsten (3 vols, fob, the Hague, 1732-5), and Groot char-terboek dcr graven van Holland, Zeeland en Vriesland (4 vols., Leipsic, 1753-6). He was engaged upon a history of Leyden at his death.