I. Joseph

Joseph, an English historian, born near Leeds, Jan. 2,1744, died in Hull, Nov. 15, 1797. He graduated at Cambridge in 1766, and after taking orders became head master of the grammar school and lecturer of the principal church of Hull. His most important work is a "History of the Church of Christ from its Foundation to the 13th Century" (3 vols. 8vo, London, 1794). It was continued by his brother to the reformation. A complete edition of his works, with an account of his life, was published by his brother in 1810, in 8 vols. 8vo.

II. Isaac

Isaac, brother of the preceding, born near Leeds, Jan. 1, 1751, died in London, April 1, 1820. On the death of his father he left school, and worked for a time in a factory; but his brother employed him as an assistant in the grammar school at Hull. In 1770 he entered Queen's college, Cambridge, where in 1774 he became senior wrangler, and in 1775 was elected a fellow. In 1783 he became professor of experimental philosophy, in 1788 master of Queen's college, and in 1791 dean of Carlisle. At Cambridge he formed an intimacy with William Wilberforce which endured through life, and he died in his house. His principal works are: a continuation of his brother's "History of the Church of Christ," "Animadversions on Dr. Haweis's Church History" (8vo, 1800), "Essay on Human Liberty," and two volumes of "Sermons".