Mocha, Or Mokha, a seaport of Arabia, formerly the capital of the province of Yemen, on the Bed sea, at the head of a little bay near the strait of Bab-el-Mandeb, 130 m. N. W. of Aden; pop. about 7,000. The roadstead is protected only by two narrow spits of sand, on one of which is a castellated fort and on the other an insignificant battery. Vessels drawing 12 ft. of water can enter it. The houses are generally of coral rock or sun-baked brick whitewashed, but in the suburbs they are circular huts built of date-tree matting, with conical roofs. There are three suburbs, one occupied by Abyssinian mariners and Mohammedan traders, one by Arab laborers, and one by Jews. The chief public edifices are the mosques, one of which is very large. Mocha is celebrated for its coffee, the annual export of which, though much less than in former times, was recently still about 10,000 tons. Other articles of trade are dates, gums, balm, ivory, and senna. The growth of Hodeida and Aden has injured the prosperity of Mocha, and its commerce has decreased greatly in late years.