I. Constantino John Phipps

Constantino John Phipps, lord, a British navigator, born May 30, 1744, died in Liege, Belgium, Oct. lo. 1792. His father was raised to the Irish peerage as Baron Mul-grave in 1767. He early entered the navy, commanded a northeast arctic exploring expedition in 1773, and returned the same year having reached lat, 80° 48', beyond which an impenetrable field of ice stretched as far as could he seen. He was afterward commissioner of the admiralty, and in 1790 was created Baron Mulgrave in the British peerage. He published a "Journal of a Voyage toward the North Pole" (London, 1774)

II. Henry Phipps

Henry Phipps, first earl of Mulgrave and Viscount Normanby, brother of the preceding, born Feb. 14, 1755, died April 7, 1831. He served in the British army during the American war of independence. On his brother's death the English barony became extinct; but he succeeded to the Irish title, became a member of Mr. Pitt's administration, and was noted for his opposition to Roman Catholic emancipation. In 1807 he was made first lord of the admiralty, and in 1812 was created earl of Mulgrave and Viscount Normanby. (See Normanby).